The Manor House


 The Englewold Manor House

The gable on the Safriel House label reverts back to our old family home in Saxonwold. It forms the crest and label of Safriel House Wines.

Saxonwold was originally part of a large farm called Braamfontein which was owned by Hermann Eckstein (a German-born, British mining magnate and banker 1847-1893). He had bought the farm to explore it for minerals. When no minerals were found, the land was converted to a plantation in 1891 and named Sachsenwald (after Otto von Bismarck's estate). The name would be anglicized to Saxonwold at the beginning of World War One.
The stately manor house was commissioned in 1930 and was designed with a gable fashioned along the lines of Vergelegen (the historic 17th century farm house in Somerset West). However, the roof was steeply sloped in deference to the German heritage of the farm and unlike a typical Cape Dutch Gable, the gable did not reach the full height of the roof. The outbuilding consisted of staff quarters and stables. The grounds were terraced in a formal, classic fashion with wide driveway leading to the entrance. 
Over time, the stables were converted and the house was restored and expanded in the early 1990's.



In the early 2000's, the manor house was sold, essentially demolished and rebuilt to accommodate a well placed, large extended family.