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About Us

Safriel House Labels

Safriel House is a family owned wine house that is founded upon a passion for, and working experience of South African grape growing terroir and wine making. Our boutique wines express the climate, geology and wine making styles that make South Africa unlike any other growing region in the world.

Grapes for our wines come from locations best suited to each variety and we collaborate with similar minded people in the winelands who believe in our avant-garde winemaking approach.

Our small batch wines honor the 300 years of winemaking heritage of the Cape while at the same time incorporating sustainable, innovative and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. This approach tells the story of the most honest expression of the vineyards: blending our rich history and modern best practices to produce an award-winning, terroir-driven range.

This allows the winelover to experience a unique wine of exceptional quality and value that were it not for this approach, may not be available for sale to the public.

We match the wines with label art from an extensive art collection that captures the essence of the wine and the art of wine-making.