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Lynne Safriel

Lynne Safriel

Quiet, yet determined would describe Lynne. Lynne strives to make Safriel House wines in her spirit: for people who care about family, are independent, not corporate or industrial - wines rooted in place & circumstance. Lynne works with farmers to ensure our wines are vibrant, living and natural, not chemical, thus making wines that are fun to drink, perhaps even dangerously so… but definitely not lightweight or dismissible. Much like her.

Lynne’s family originally settled in Tulbagh, a town in the heart of the Cape wine country and she still has close family who call Constantia home. Lynne is actively involved in the community and sits on the leadership board of a non-profit organization. She has a wickedly astute palate for wine and her enduring philosophy is “We have to produce wines that I can be proud to put my name on". Lynne is the heart and engine room of Safriel House and is fanatical about quality and our customers, focusing on quality from cellar to bottle. By interfacing with the wider wine world, she brings the wine lovers voice to our technical wine discussions and uniquely to Safriel House, Lynne took it upon ourselves to take care of our wines beyond our cellar by organizing temperature controls for our wines while they are transported to our customers.

Lynne's favorite reads in wine are "The World Atlas of Wine" by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson and the classic "South African Wine" by David Hughes.


You can follow Lynne on Instagram at @winewondergal