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Yair and Lyunne Safriel in the cellar
Dear Wonderful Wine People,

It’s not always straight forward working in South Africa. In addition to the usual weather challenges faced by farmers, we have to contend with electricity shortages and supply chains at the southern tip of the world. But as explorers and intrepid traders discovered many years ago, it’s worth it!

The best diamonds, seams of gold and legendary wines - all are available for the those willing to seek them. That’s what drew us back to the vineyards in South Africa.

We were checking up on the barrels from the 2022 vintage when the lights in the cellar cut out…. Tasting in the soft light brings one back to a purer time, when wines were made without additives and GMO. Exactly why you want to drink wines from a 300 year old cellar in South Africa.  

The 2022 vintage is still in oak, and is showing levels of taste complexity as it ages. Right now, the wine exudes an aroma of fresh geraniums, and tastes of supple strawberry and cherry with a hint of vanilla, with depth and layers that enhance its taste profile. We cannot wait to bottle this wine but will patiently allow it to develop further.
Our 2023 vintage came from a warm summer which was truncated by heavy rains. However, we were able to pick the grapes at just the right time and this lovely wine, still very young in barrel, is bursting with fruit and flavor. We are eager to see how this delicate beautiful wine will develop.


Safriel House barrelNow, we've saved the most exciting news for last: the upcoming release of our very special 2021 Red Wine "There was Magic in My Cellar Last Night". This blend is a homage to the heritage of classic South African red wines which are unique to the culture and terroir of the Cape of Good Hope.

This delectable wine is unlike anything you've tasted before. We're thrilled to share that it will be exclusively available to our wine club members, granting them early access to this extraordinary creation crafted from premium vineyards.

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Lynne in the Cellar
Thank you for being part of our journey, and for your continued support of our passion for crafting exceptional wines. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you're interested in joining our wine club.

Cheers to a future filled with outstanding wines and unforgettable moments!

Warmest wishes,

Lynne and Yair Safriel
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