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White Wine Variety Pack (Free Gift)

White Wine Variety Pack (Free Gift)

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My wines are made for people like me: who care about family, are independent, vibrant, living and natural. It’s wines rooted in place & circumstance, made with farmers, not chemically synthesized. Above all, its wines that are fun to drink, perhaps even dangerously so… but definitely not lightweight or dismissible. Much like me.

There is a wine to match any meal and please the whole crowd at a party. For example, our Sauvignon Blanc Received an amazing perfect 100 point score for food pairability by Sommeliers Choice Awards of America in San Francisco and our Chenin Blanc recently received 90 and 91 points in competitions in the US and England. Our wines are drinkable and all too easy to finish but are not lightweight or dismissible. Each wine is an award winner in competitions in the US and around the world.

The complete package includes two bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc, one bottle of Chardonnay, one bottle of our Limited Release Select Vineyards Blend and two bottles of Chenin Blanc (click on each wine for the full technical sheets):

Lynne with Rose

As a thank you for supporting our family winery, we will include a complimentary bottle of our Integrity & Sustainability Certified Grenache Rosé.